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Ms. LaDonna Griggs to RetireTop of Page


La Donna Griggs will retire from the Pontotoc County School District on May 24, 2017.  Ms. Griggs is a teacher at North Pontotoc and has taught here for 11 years.  She began teaching in 1986 in Milton, KY, and has taught school for 31 years. She tells her students she has been in school for 48 years.  Since Kindergarten, she has gone to school every year from 1969 through 2017.

Ms. Griggs is not sure what she will do as far as another job or career but prays that she will be able to work with the special needs population in some way.  She will go to South Carolina (her birth place) over the summer and hopes to spend quality time with her two sons.  Plans are in the making to pursue her dream of building a rustic house on a pond that will be constructed by her daddy.

"I have been teaching for more than half of my life.  Even though I know it is time for me to start a new chapter, it is not easy.  Education has been part of my soul for so long.  North Pontotoc has been my and my family’s support for 11 years.  I will leave a HUGE part of my heart here at North Pontotoc.  I will leave some special friends who have watched and helped me through thick and thin, some who have helped me as a  single mom raise and take care of my son, some have helped me become a stronger teacher, and some have helped me grow closer to the Lord. North Pontotoc has been a true Godsend for me.  You all will still see me around because my son still has two more years left before he graduates as a Viking.  So, I will lean on some of you more than ever to fill the gap of me not being here to see my son walk through the halls or come in my room to visit and get a snack.  That part will be the hardest.  I have been so blessed by so many children at North Pontotoc.  They truly have taught me many lessons, as well.  North Pontotoc is a special place and secures a big part of the sweet memories I have.  Thank you, North Pontotoc family.”

Bro. Jim Varnon to RetireTop of Page

It’s hard to believe that 10 years have passed so quickly.  It’s even more difficult when I realize that we have been involved with North Pontotoc School for more than 30 years.  Vicki hired in in 1986. Jason and Justin graduated here and both are now employed with PCSD....SO with four grand kids and another one on the way, it’s time for us to go to the house (and the beach and the mountains).

The North Pontotoc staff, faculty and administration have all been VERY gracious to me.  From driving buses that found their way through fences and gas pumps since 1987, and then through ISS and finally study hall, I could have been fired at least 40 times.  Smith was patient.  Ms. Libby should have hired a hit man.  And Sutton, well, he still just shakes his head and thinks that I'm a walking example as to why a lot of animals just eat their babies.  (I gotta mention Shane Long cause my license expire July 31).

You guys all stood by us when we needed you.  On her second day on the job Vicki's dad died so unexpectedly, then my dad and then my mother.  We will not forget your grace and you prayers during those days when we so needed it.  

So I will devote my time to the ministry of the Waterbrook Church.  Vicki will haul the babies to HOPTOWN and cook for anybody that wants to eat, and probably run the vacuum cleaner every day.  But Yes, We ganna miss ya.  THANKS FOR THE RIDE.. 

Ms. Mary Ann Quillian to RetireTop of Page


Ms. Mary Ann Quillian will retire after working at North Pontotoc for 33 years.  Ms. Mary Ann is currently the Administrative Assistant for North Pontotoc Middle School.  She began her career in 1984 in the second grade. In 1993, she was chosen as the Career Center Director for the Tech Prep Pilot Program in Mississippi.  The following year, the Governor of Mississippi awarded North Pontotoc's Career Center first place in the state.

Mary Ann is looking forward to spending more time with her children and grandchildren and completing her "Bucket List" of travels.  She wants to become more involved with mission work through her church.  She also is looking forward to working in her flowers and yard.

“North Pontotoc School and everyone here are like family to me, and I am going to miss being here when school starts back in the fall.  There is no better place in the world to work or better people to work with than North Pontotoc.  I love working with kids of all ages and will miss being a part of their lives.”

“I will always be a "VIKING" no matter what doors God opens for me in the future.”

Ms. Pam Simmons to RetireTop of Page


Ms. Pam Simmons will retire from North Pontotoc May 31, 2017.  Ms. Pam is currently the North Pontotoc Bookkeeper.

She has worked at North Pontotoc Schools for thirty-three years.  She began working at North Pontotoc Schools in 1984.

She plans to do a lot of traveling.  Her family lives all over the United States including North Dakota, Minnesota, California, Florida, Washington State and the Carolinas.  Her plans are to visit these states and enjoy time with her family.  Her grandchildren are active in sports and her husband, and she will continue to support and follow them to home games and away games. 

She and her girlfriends plan to meet at least once a month for lunch to catch up on everything, as well as spend time shopping together.   She knows she will also be able to work in her yard more and do some things she’s been wanting to do.

“I have always loved my job at North Pontotoc, loved everyone that I worked with, and will truly miss all faculty and staff.  I admire their dedication to the children, not only to teach them what they need for the future, but their love for the children.”

Her presence will still be seen at ballgames, her grandchildren’s school events, dropping in to say hello, and picking up the grandchildren.  “So I will still be a big part of North Pontotoc.“

2017 GraduationTop of Page

North Pontotoc High School's graduation will be May 20, 2017, at 2:00 p.m. on the Viking Football Stadium field.  In the event of rain, it will be moved to the high school basketball gymnasium.

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